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Size Recommendation

How to measure your perfect bangle
Method 1

·     Download AMARA's ruler

·     Please make sure that the document is set to print at 100% scale of A4 paper.

·     Print the document out

·     Then place your credit/debit card on the line shown in the A4 paper to check for the printing accuracy.

·     If the credit card matched the line, then you are good to go.

·     Cut the ruler on out

·     Hold the paper from the side that said hold here.

·     Wrap the paper around your wrist until the other end is placed on your wrist.

·     Take note of both size

·    Round up the size when your wrist size is close to lapsing the larger size.

Method 2
Use a piece of string or paper and measure your wristjust below the wrist bone tightly, measure it with a ruler and add 1 cm into it to get your perfect size bangle.

Please be noted that the bracelet will be soften and expand approximately 0.5 cm after wearing it for a year
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